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Sea Chaser Factory Tour

Foam Filled ConstructionHand-Laminated Construction

The first step in building every Sea Chaser boat is to acquire the highest quality raw materials on the market. To accomplish this, we use only the marine industry’s most trusted leading suppliers in boat-building materials and components. It’s just part of our strict quality control at Sea Chaser, which is conducted at every step of the construction process.

Virtually Unsinkable Boat

As a Sea Chaser customer, you can be assured that all of our boats are foam-filled and built with 100 percent composite material. There is no wood used at all so there is never any chance of rot.

The foundation of each Sea Chaser boat is a full fiberglass stringer system, which is hand-laminated with woven roving and tri-directional fiberglass, all hand-rolled to eliminate air pockets. Closed-cell foam is then injected into the stringers and hull to create a virtually unsinkable boat. Pre-cast, high-density foam blocks are used to build the structure of Sea Chaser decks. The deck and hull are then bonded together using a fiberglass and resin mix to form a single, solid, durable unit.

And the craft is not complete until we give it our stamp of approval – the Sea Chaser name – which means you’ve gotten the best value for your money.