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  • Cattle Drive Brawny and Plentiful, Bull Red Drum

    Aug 17, 2018
    From North Carolina’s Neuse River and Outer Banks to Florida’s Indian River Lagoon and passes all across the central Gulf of Mexico, late summer and autumn are the prime times for inshore “cowboys” to hitch up their rides and set off for the annual bull round-up. By bulls, we mean the coppery/bronze variety with spots on their tails, broad shoulders and snorting-in-the-chute attitudes.
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  • Captain’s Notes: Chumming Tips

    Aug 15, 2018
    There are several ways to effectively release chum without making a mess of the boat. The key is to disperse the material into the water at a steady, even flow rate. Release too much and the targeted fish stuff themselves on the chum instead of the baits. Release too little, and they might not feed at all.
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  • Grouper Diggin’

    Aug 08, 2018
    Grouper are one of the tastiest fish in the ocean, and as an added bonus for anglers, they pull as hard as a John Deere tractor. They are not too difficult to find and can be caught on a variety of baits and lures. What’s not to love? Grouper are bottom-dwellers that frequent structure or relief where they lie in wait to wolf down a passing meal. Rock piles, wrecks and artificial reefs, ledges and even cracks in the ocean floor will hold these scrappy game fish. Grouper will move around some depending on the water temperatures, but usually, they hold in certain areas with plenty of food. Preferred depths are usually 150 feet or less, but gag grouper in particular along Florida’s West Gulf coast can often be caught in water as shallow as 12 feet.
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  • Announcing the Winners of Our July Photo Contest!

    Aug 06, 2018
    To accompany the launch of our new Instagram page @carolinaskiffllc, we surprised CSkiff fans with a July Photo Contest – inviting anglers and boaters to submit photos of themselves, family, friends and furbabies with a Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser or Fun Chaser boat.
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  • Press Statement About Watson Guide Service

    Aug 02, 2018
    Carolina Skiff LLC is aware of the criminal and civil actions pending against Shane Watson and his guide service. Mr. Watson was never an employee or sales agent of Carolina Skiff LLC. He was not an authorized independent sales representative for Carolina Skiff LLC. Carolina Skiff LLC was never aware of any business dealings Mr. Watson had with any of those who claim to be defrauded by Mr. Shane Watson.
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  • Captain’s Notes: Finesse Fishing

    Jul 30, 2018
    One of the best ways to shorten a fight is by keeping the fish coming towards the boat whenever possible. Hooked fish generally counteract against the line to relieve the pressure. To keep them swimming in the right direction, reel and lift the rod with smooth, consistent strokes rather than jerky motions. Constant pressure helps offset lateral or downward movement. If the fish is taking drag while going away from the boat, use that opportunity to rest. Once the fish starts coming toward you again, resume steady pressure.
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  • Spotlight: Carolina Skiff Dealer Boat-Max in Pompano Beach, Florida

    Jul 26, 2018
    We sat down with Carolina Skiff dealer Christian Tremblay, who owns Boat-Max in Pompano Beach, Florida, to discuss why he loves Sea Chaser boats.
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  • 10+ Hurricane Season Dos and Don'ts for Boats

    Jul 18, 2018
    What can you do to prepare your boat for a hurricane emergency? The BoatU.S. Foundation compiled a comprehensive list of the best, and worst, ways to prep your boat for a hurricane.
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  • Important Safety Tips for Boating

    Jul 02, 2018
    Before you leave the dock, it’s important to take a moment to review some crucial safety reminders.
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  • Versatile, Affordable, Durable Sea Skiff

    Jun 27, 2018
    Carolina Skiff is known for making the pickup trucks of the skiff world. They can go anywhere, do anything and provide years of dependable, reliable boats at an affordable price. What can be made better? Upgrades and improvements matter at Carolina Skiff. The Sea Skiff Series from Sea Chaser is a result of that mission for 30 years and growing.
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  • Carolina Skiff JVX CC Perfect Rig for Summertime Inshore Fishing

    Jun 26, 2018
    Now is the time to be fishing inshore waters for the tastiest saltwater species of them all, the flounder. Getting into flounder territory takes a boat that can run in the skinniest of water while handling bay chop. Traversing ultra-shallow flats and maneuvering turns in tight channels sum up the demands of a boat for flounder fishing. The 20 JVX CC by Carolina Skiff gets you there in style, safety, functionality, and performance. With a length overall of 20 feet and a beam of 78 inches, this boat provides a great balance of functional size and performance. Weight overall is 1,230 pounds, and with a draft of about 4 inches, the 20 JVX CC is made for cruising the flats without the worry of running aground. A maximum horsepower rating of 90 H.P. makes the perfect setup for matching fuel economy with performance. You get excellent maneuverability and handling with the positive tracking
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  • Captain’s Notes: Game Planning

    Jun 20, 2018
    Seek structure: People feel safe in their house or apartment, and fish do, too. The marine food chain begins with structure, so find those sanctuaries, and the larger predators won’t be far away. Don’t be judgmental—a three-foot high rock on an otherwise barren bottom can be productive. While underway, watch the sounder for spots that may be unmarked on the charts. If floats are bunched together after a storm, the wayward traps below are likely hung up on structure. Check with state fisheries agencies for a list of artificial reefs and wrecks.
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  • Offshore Trolling Tactics for Bay Boats

    Jun 07, 2018
    Losing sight of landmarks and shoreline is the loose definition for entering offshore waters. The blue water is also the transition zone for what separates the men from the boys in boats. Center consoles from 27 feet and up and powered by trips and quads are desired for power, safety and subtracting travel time to keep lines wetter, longer. That’s all good news if you have the money and time to invest in a mega-offshore boat. What about the majority of anglers whose rigs and budget fall at or below the 27-foot length of boat ownership?
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  • Proper Care of Your Carolina Skiff Will Pay Off During the Season!

    Jun 06, 2018
    Carolina Skiff owners expect their boats to last for years and years, and why not? The fact is, Carolina Skiff has been manufacturing quality boats for over three decades and owners have been enjoying their boats for generations. There are several key reasons proper care of your Carolina Skiff is important. Proper care means your boat will last for years and provide endless days of satisfaction on the water for you and your family. Maintenance is simple but an extremely important aspect of owning a boat for better performance as well as maximizing the “value” of your boat when you seek to upgrade to a larger Carolina Skiff model in the future.
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  • Captain’s Notes: Shrimp Kabobs

    May 07, 2018
    From the Carolinas all the way to Texas, it’s hard to top live shrimp as bait for nearshore game fish. Here are three ways to rig these tasty crustaceans: 1. For free-lining or drift fishing with realistic action, hook the shrimp in the top of its head. The hook point should go through the harder “horn” or ridge just above the eyes, so the bait stays on while casting. Avoid the dark spot (the brain), or the shrimp will quickly perish.
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  • Getting Ready for the Primal Pull with Carolina Skiff

    May 04, 2018
    Getting Ready for the Primal Pull with Carolina Skiff By Capt. Ted Lund Spring is the time to enjoy the primal pull along Florida’s South East Coast. Each spring, amberjack, African pompano, blackfin tuna, grouper, snapper and a host of other species begin ganging up on wrecks and reefs of South Florida and the Florida Keys from 100 to 350-feet of water. It’s a perfect time for anglers to enjoy some of the most brutal tugs-of-war ever on light tackle thanks to the invention of super-braid lines and a wide range of metal vertical jigs. The set up for vertical jigging is fairly simple; anglers require a stout 61/- to 7-foot spinning or conventional rod with a high-speed ratio reel loaded with 50-to 80-pound test braid. At the terminal end, a rod length of 60-pound fluorocarbon is attached via a Bimini Twist. Then, to protect your weighty investment, install a short trace of 64-pound single strand wire with an Albright Special. The jig is then attached with a Haywire twist, which allows for a small loop to impart more action in the jig.
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  • Time is Now to Begin Preparing for Boating Season

    Apr 18, 2018
    With boating, the excitement can begin long before you get to the water. That goes for preparing for the season just around the corner. Here is how you can have fun, and be ready when the forecast calls for the first balmy days of spring. If an avid boater, you are familiar with a boating safety checklist. Ensuring PFDs are available for all passengers, creating a float plan, and making sure you have all of the required safety items required by law. Those are the givens for that checklist.
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  • Springtime for Inshore Fishing

    Apr 17, 2018
    The answer is similar to how the change of seasons stirs animals into action. Warming water temperatures equate to the same transitional behavior now that inshore saltwater species anticipate and anglers enjoy in spring. Many popular inshore species are in migration mode. This transitional period means the fish are actively feeding in preparation for spring and summer when metabolisms increase. Simply put, now is the time to rig up and take advantage of a great fishing time of the year.
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  • Sea Chaser HFC Series by Carolina Skiff the Best Boat for Families, Anglers

    Apr 16, 2018
    Hardcore anglers face a challenge when shopping for a boat to fit their needs when family is involved. After all, boating ultimately is a family and friends affair. These questions come to mind when narrowing the choices. Can I find a boat already equipped with features for serious inshore and near inshore fishing? What about when it comes to family time? Can the boat be easily converted to a family-friendly cruiser? Yes to all the above is the answer when it comes to the Sea Chaser HFC Series by Carolina Skiff. You get 30 years and growing brand legacy of dependability, reliability and unparalleled customer loyalty. With peace of mind on your side, you then get a boat rigged and ready for serious saltwater fishing for you and your buddies.
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  • Carolina Skiff 198 DLV the Boat for Shallow, Deep Inshore Fishing

    Feb 05, 2018
    Are you looking for an inshore boat with a shallow draft for skinny water and a deep hull for venturing outside the bay? Look no further than Carolina Skiff and the 198 DLV. From the backwater to the bay, the unique, modified Tri-V hull tames choppy water, and a draft of about 6 inches gives you access to shallow water inaccessible for bay boats. Get the best of both worlds and more with the 198 DLV.
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