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The most durable, versatile and affordable boats on the market

Boating enthusiast know that a Carolina Skiff is the most durable, versatile, stable and economical boat on the planet - and we've maintained our reputation for more than 30 years. From fit to finish, our boats provide the most features and the best functionality available on the market, giving you the best value in both performance and comfort. With more than 60 models to choose from, you are sure to find a boat that meets your personal recreational or commercial needs. So whether you're looking for a pleasure boat, fishing boat, runabout, or commercial/work boat, Carolina Skiff delivers the most in value, quality and style.



Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, non-flexing hull that is completely wood free.



Foam flotation exceeds Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation for shallow draft and quick-planning characteristics.



All Carolina Skiff boats are certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, adhering to the highest quality standards in the U.S. marine industry.


With the proper weight balance, Carolina Skiff boat hulls may self-bail, though we cannot guarantee each boat will self-bail under all conditions.



Carolina Skiff warrants the hull's bottom construction against delamination or separation for five years, providing that the integrity of the hull and floor has not been damaged by improper use.



The Carolina Skiff model line requires little to no outboard engine trim for proper performance.

Protection Preventing Hull Blisters (AKA: Osmosis)

What are Hull Blisters?

Hull blisters form when water molecules become trapped between the gelcoat and first layer of fiberglass. The pressure from the molecules released expands between the gelcoat and first layer of fiberglass pushing the gelcoat into a dome, forming  what is known as Hull Blisters.(AKA: Osmosis)

Carolina Skiff LLC recommends applying barrier protection (AKA: Bottom Paint) if your boat is kept in the water for long periods of time(weeks and months), especially in warm-water. Applying a barrier coating as a preventative measure will help prevent the development of osmosis/ hull blisters forming on the wet surface of the hull.

Speak with your local authorized Carolina Skiff/Sea Chaser Dealer about how to prevent hull blisters.

The Carolina Skiff LLC warranty does not apply to gel coat finish, stress cracks and or hull blisters, including, but not limited to fading or discoloration. See your Carolina Skiff/Sea Chaser Dealer for details.