21 LS Dual Console

Luxurious yet rugged

Completely reengineered to appeal to the whole family!

Introducing the new Carolina Skiff 21 LS Dual Console – a full liner hull boat that not only enhances the boat's appearance, but its handling on the water for a smoother, more comfortable ride. By incorporating a liner hull, the overall rigidity and strength of the boat improves. Additionally, the new Liner Series comes complete with molded-in storage and boxes to carry all your essentials and extras for a great day on the water. 

As the first-ever Dual Console for Carolina Skiff, this boat is designed for comfortable cruising and fishing for the whole family. With a lower-down dual console seating design, the 21 LS DC showcases the latest in made-in-the-USA ingenuity and craftsmanship that is perfect for both shallow and deep water family boating. 

Like the entire LS Series, the 21 LS DC is self-bailing, so when water gets onto the deck during family cruising adventures, it automatically drains overboard. The self-bailing design utilizes gravity to pull any water toward strategically placed drainage points - keeping everyone onboard dryer all day long.

For the very best time on the water, the 21 LS DC comes loaded with premium diamond pleated upholstered seating – amplifying the boat's overall fit and finish for a comfortable cruise everyone onboard can enjoy. 

The spacious 21 LS DC can fit the whole family and a few friends! With a max capacity rating of 10, the 21 LS DC features two fold-down rear jump seats and roomy bow seating. 



Length Over All: 21' ft 2" in
Beam: 96" in
Gunnel Height: 23" in
Boat Weight: 2255 Lbs
Fuel Capacity: 30 Gal
Maximum Weight: 2695 Lbs
Maximum Person: 10
Maximum Person Weight: 1442 
Maximum HP: 175 HP